January 2019

Fall in Love before Valentine’s Day – with a little help of the Exchange & Alibi

The winter is getting cold – warm up with love (or something like it) at The Exchange.

Minneapolis is made for lovers. Our beautiful scenery, booming cultural scene, and hot nightlife make Minnesota’s largest city a perfect place to find your soul mate. But let’s be serious, finding love is HARD. With Valentine’s Day on its way, it’s hard not to be aware of your single status. We swipe all day on those dating apps, yet we haven’t fallen in love yet. So what gives? You aren’t the only one wondering why love isn’t being found online.

One dating app exec shares: “Say it takes 10 swipes for a match, 2 matches for an opening line, 3 opening lines for a response, 5 responses for a flowing conversation, 5 flowing conversations for a date, and 5 dates for a second date. That’s a user browsing 7,500 profiles before connecting with someone ‘meaningfully.'” UGH.

What does work? Going out and meeting real people!

If you really want to find love and February 14 is weighing on your mind, we’ve got plenty of events for all walks of life at The Exchange. Minneapolis nightlife wants you to fall in love.

So…What’s your vibe?

TC Presents | Night at the Dojo

January 31, you will find the Slam Academy on our stage, putting our state of the art FUNKTION-ONE sound system to good use! This is an 18+ show that features incredible fresh talent to the Minneapolis music scene. We are hosting Slam Academy for the last amplitude of January! Come check out a showcase of local producers and see what Slam is all about! We’ve got BAARD (with his future beats), MikeRat (the sneaky glitch rat), NuAge Knight (Deep Neo-Soul vibe), and Dumpling (coming through with the bangers).  Get your tickets for the 9 pm show and prepare yourself for a good time meeting singles with similar tastes in music and atmosphere as you. Do you know what’s better than Valentine conversation hearts? Genuinely liking good live music and realizing the cutie next to you does too.

Trilogy at the Exchange

February 1, get ready to invade downtown Minneapolis for the Lunar New Year when Trilogy kicks off your weekend! You’ve got to love Trilogy as they go hard and always do it big! Known for their amazing DJs and hot go-go dancers, we’ve heard people say that Fridays with Trilogy at the Exchange is hands-down the best party in town, especially if you want a VIP experience. New bottle service deals listed are $100 off the first bottle of Hennessy, Grey Goose or Patron + 5 free entries OR $350 for two bottles of Hennessy, Grey Goose or Patron + 10 free entries. We highly recommend that you pre-book VIP tables in advance to receive our specials. Try not to wait until the last minute because they will definitely sell out quick!

Sold Out Saturdays

If you live your best life on the dance floor where a DJ spins favorite tunes to get you weird, Sold Out Saturdays features Minneapolis nightlife’s most sought-after DJs dropping the beat after 10 pm at The Exchange. You can hit up the Sold Out Saturdays on February 2, February 9, and February 16. Not only do you get your choice of prime DJ mixes (from the likes of DJ Serafin, DJ Chachi, Rick Wonder, and more), you will meet all kinds of fellow party-lovers on the dance floor as the hottest singles in the Twin Cities converge to make some heat at The Exchange.  


Finally, some words of wisdom before Valentine’s day…

If you really do want to find someone to connect and make memories with, we have a few straightforward words of advice as you navigate dating in the greatest city in the United States. (We are dead serious about Minneapolis.)

  • Be yourself—this is an easy one.
  • Be truthful from the get-go, because it almost always leads to trouble later.
  • Be open. Try not to shut someone out the minute that you find one annoying habit or realize you have less in common than you initially thought.
  • Be strong. Dating can be a major challenge, but finding love is definitely worth it.
  • Trust your gut. In a battle between the head and the heart, it can be hard to determine the best moves to make when dating. Your gut will always lead you down the path that makes the most sense for you at the time.
  • Have fun. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, right? Enjoy your life! Go out there and meet people!

The ultimate guide to organize an event that Influencers will love

Are you a producer, event planner, promoter, or entrepreneur that’s ready to activate Minnesota’s movers and shakers for your brand? We’ve got some ideas for you. First, get hip to the power of influencer marketing! Influencers are the way of the future and yet have been around for years. People are just now realizing their power and potential! We think people should be realizing YOUR power and potential too, so how about inspiring Minneapolis’s influencers to get excited about your venture? Book The Exchange & Alibi Lounge for your event, concert, happening, or launch party now and get your hashtag trending and your network grows.

Did you know that while it is a huge component, one of the biggest misconceptions about influencers is they are only someone with a large social media following? This thinking confuses influence with popularity. The act of influencing requires a specific result: a change in thinking or behavior. An influencer is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others and get them to do something different. Come on, there are plenty of profiles on Instagram where we like their pictures but would never trust their judgment, right? That’s the difference! When applying this to marketing for your brand, an influencer is someone who helps other people buy from you. How do they do this? Influencers have a combination of three key factors: reach, contextual credibility, and salesmanship.  

Interested? Yeah, we thought you might be. Here’s more…

On your mark… Find influencers

They’re among us and we know more of them than we realize. A short list is here, but it doesn’t need to be such a complicated mission to find influencers near you. Just as you are aspiring to be with your future concert or event, they are aiming for impact and broaden their network. Look for promoters, music industry professionals, rising stars on youtube, local sensations that continue to reach, and people that show up for segments on our local daytime shows like Twin Cities Live or The Jason Show. Also, look to your own habits: what’s your industry and who do you follow to be in the Know? Pay attention to those circles of people…they are influencer marketing just waiting to happen.

If you’re a small fish in a big online pond trying to get your name remembered, it can be hard to gain traction. Luckily there are some hints in connecting with these influencers so that they dig your content enough to share on their social media platforms.

Get set… Plan your Influencer Event

There’s a crazy amount of events out there competing with your content, which means you need to make sure you stand out. After all, you won’t get any engagement from anyone if your event is so-so. How do you guarantee a great event then? Start with a dynamite idea, thorough planning, and make sure you are moving in the right direction from the beginning. Get creative and choose professionals to help you stand out. At The Exchange & Alibi Lounge, entertainment options are on a much higher caliber. We feature two full bars, a dance floor, exclusive VIP seating, and a built-in photo area. Also, we have the most state-of-the-art sound and light equipment available in North America – the first Funktion-One EVO sound system.

The stylish and open layout of The Exchange can accommodate up to 750 guests. Or do you envision a more intimate event? Great. Check out The Alibi Lounge at the Exchange. It’s a swanky cocktail lounge full of stunning beauty, custom-design furniture, and hand-crafted cocktails. It’s perfect for projecting exclusivity for your event by allowing up to 125 guests. Truly, individuality and authenticity should be the objective of your event. Influencer marketing works best when there’s a spark of truth and magic to your idea. With us, there are a ton of ways to make that unique idea come to life.

Go! Create magic together

You’ve found your influencers, you’ve planned your event, and now it’s time for event marketing to come into play! Events are extremely helpful for brands that want to invest in more authentic and long-term influencer partnerships. While most people might consider an event from the consumer perspective (i.e. the chance for people to experience your brand in person), the same ideas apply to influencers.

By giving influencers an enjoyable and immersive experience, brands are able to foster and build real brand advocacy, which results in more authentic and higher quality content. This is the kind of content that their followers believe which result in those followers knowing about YOU and your brand. It all comes down to that perfect party. You don’t think all those people at Coachella are wearing those clothes and using those products accidentally, do you? Advocate for your brand and your future. Book an event at The Exchange & Alibi Lounge that will attract influencers to you and watch your company grow faster than a trending hashtag on Twitter.


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