August 2019

Dance club star status is waiting for you any night of the week at The Exchange

Dance club star status is waiting for you any night of the week at The Exchange

 It’s the weekend and you’re craving a night dancing out on the town…What do you do from here? Let’s face it: Dance clubs can be fairly intimidating at first. To the uninitiated, going out to a dance club can often seem like work instead of play. However, The Exchange & Alibi Lounge provides you with an easy and enjoyable experience you can’t get anywhere else. In this blog, we’ll talk about the 5 steps to having a good time and living up to your dance club star status. 


Step #1: Do a little research.

Not all clubs are alike. Before you take on the night downtown, do some browsing on the Web: What’s the club’s website like? Does it come off grand, extravagant, and advertising bottle service? Is it more minimal and simplistic, with not much more than an events calendar? Do you see any photos of the club’s patrons, and if so, are these people you seem like you would enjoy spending a night out with? What’s the music like? A lot of these things can tell you about the club’s overall atmosphere and vibe. At The Exchange & Alibi Lounge, you’ll find a unique vibe than anywhere else in the city – glam, hip, and authentic every evening with different music for each night. Keep it groovy on Fridays with hip hop at The Exchange where GO95.3 broadcasts live, enjoy Summer Saturdays with the best DJs playing pop, hip hop, and electronic dance, and get down on XO Sundays with more hip hop during out 18+ night. If you’re feeling the beat on a Wednesday, come join us with the 8:12 Social for some great live music. The Exchange boasts the finest sound and light equipment available in North America- the first Funktion-One EVO sound system, so the music will be jamming all night long. Once you found something that clicks, make sure you… 


Step #2: Dress appropriately.

Now that you have some sense of the club’s vibe, match it with something from your wardrobe. No matter where you’re going, gloss it up a bit. Wear something that makes you feel your best while staying comfortable to get down on the dance floor, but don’t be afraid to get a little flashier than your normal attire. In fact, we require it and have a dress code that includes your best you. It’s not a bad thing to stand out, especially at the club when you should…


Step #3: Go with your besties and make new ones.

It can be a bit of a bummer going to the club by yourself. If you can find a few friends that you can take with you, do it. They will provide some comfort and provide some relief from the unknown crowds. If you can’t find anyone to tag along with, or even if you can, try to meet some new people. Introduce yourself, you can find some amazing and interesting people at the club who love to dance just as much as you do. The best part is if you had a great time the first night, which is guaranteed at The Exchange, and you decide to go back the next night, you’ll see some familiar faces making the experience that much better. Clubs are inherently social spots so don’t be afraid to take advantage. If you meet someone new, buy them, and yourself, a drink, which will help you…


Step #4: Loosen up! Dance club star should be confident!

Like you even need to be told that. The main point of a dance club is to lose yourself in the music and just have fun. All aspects of the club are designed to help you remove yourself from the dullness of your everyday routine; to let you freak out and go crazy for a night. Sometimes alcohol can give you a head start. The Exchange provides an abundance of the finest liquor and drinks at the two full bars, as well as prime bottle service for VIP guests. All of this will help you strive to do the single most important thing to having a great time at the club, which is:


Step #5: Dance.

This is what you came for and what you’re meant to do. If you’re worried about looking stupid, don’t be. You won’t look stupid, and even if you do, it wouldn’t matter. At a certain point in the night when you can feel the rhythm inside your body and might have had a drink, or three, you will realize why you’re here, and if the DJ is on point (which he or she will be if you attend any dance night at The Exchange), the music will take you over and happiness will instill. You will think about this dance night for days, even weeks to come, and ponder how soon the next weekend will arrive.


At The Exchange, achieving dance star status is easy, especially if you follow our 5 steps to a successful night out. Come dance the night away at our glamorous 7,200 square feet venue and celebrate yourself with those wicked dance moves. Check out The Exchange on Instagram for more visuals on our fun dance nights!


18 plus clubs and adult entertainment are waiting!

Don’t worry, there is no need to be stuck at a house party… or in your parent’s basement to have a good time. The Exchange in Minneapolis has you covered. Craving a night out? We have just the thing. Grab your friends and head to The Exchange for XO Sundays to get on the dance floor and party the night away. Summer will be over soon and there’s no better way to go out with a bang than the prime spot for Minneapolis nightlife.

XO Sundays are back and Dolo Harris is hosting a night that will be unforgettable. With a massive dance floor, two full bars equipped with the finest liquor, and a top-of-the-line audio system… we got you covered. All necessities are taken care of for an electric night.

Looking For the Right Entertainment? 18 plus clubs in Minnesota are hiding sweet secrets

Raging music that will get you up and moving is what you need to make a great night out. Entertainment is everything when you’re going out, which is why The Exchange provides some of the best DJs in the country accompanied by a world-class sound system. Whether it’s classic hits or this summer’s newest hot tracks, good music is the key to making it a fun and memorable night with your crew.

Luckily, DJ Ones is bringing the heat that you don’t want to miss The Exchange. Party the night away with your best friends to this summer’s greatest hits and enjoy some delicious drinks to get loose. XO Sundays boast a free cover charge until 11 PM with an RSVP, $3 shots until 11 PM, and bottle specials until midnight to keep you moving all night long.

Underage? No Problem.

If you are under the age of 21, no worries, XO Sundays are back to being 18+ so come and grab some friends to dance the night away and meet new people. The Exchange will provide you with an exclusive bar experience you won’t get anywhere else with a fun and exciting place to hang out and end summer on a high note. You’re only young once and this is the ideal place to kick back and spend these one of a kind nights in the city staying up late with your friends.

Celebrate Summer

XO Sundays are the best place to host the hottest parties of the year. If you are looking for an exclusive area to throw an elevated adult birthday, check out the VIP lounge for a secluded spot to hang out and celebrate the night. The VIP experience will allow you to have the best of both worlds – more private conversation or getting down on the dance floor. Throw a surprise party for your bestie to show them a fabulous night at one of the most exclusive clubs in Minneapolis. Turn a lowkey Sunday into a festivity celebrating birthdays, summer nights, and care-free happiness.

Highest Caliber 18 plus Clubs

The Exchange ensures you get the premier nightclub experience with the perfect atmosphere. It brings Minneapolis entertainment to a much higher caliber. The Exchange offers a unique vibe reminiscing the prohibition era with a vault inspired look. Our light equipment gives off the right ambiance for a party night in Minneapolis to celebrate any occasion. Exclusive VIP seating is available to give you a chance for secluded conversation, and a built-in photo area allows you to take the best night out pictures to post on your Instagram.

Come Join Us at XO Sundays

If you want to extend your weekend and party for one more night, join us for XO Sundays at The Exchange. It’s time to stop the Netflix binge and get out of your house to commemorate the end of summer 2019! No matter if you are having a birthday party, stag night or the epic night out, this is how you show up and show out for XO Sundays at The Exchange. For more information, check out our Instagram for an inside look at the wild nights happening at The Exchange.

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