January 2020

Cozy‌ ‌Up‌ ‌to‌ ‌Winter‌ ‌Date‌ Night Ideas‌ ‌

Coming up with romantic date night ideas can be hard when the weather is perfect and the sun is up past four in the afternoon. So when the temperature dips and there’s snow on the ground, it can feel nearly impossible to come up with date ideas for couples. But it doesn’t need to feel that way. Just because high winds and freezing conditions make a long walk on a lakeside beach a less than exciting prospect doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of options for you to raise the temperature on your relationship.

Winter Wonderland Date Night Ideas

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you need to hunker down indoors and wait until March to peak your head out. There’s plenty of great stuff for couples to do together in the great outdoors. Building snowmen, making snow angels, having *friendly* snowball fights, or building a secret snow fort hideaway can be a great way to recapture your youth or, if your date is from a warmer climate, introduce someone you care about to the best parts of growing up with winter weather. 

If you’re athletically inclined, cross-country skiing can be a great couple’s workout that doubles as a way to take in the beauty and grandeur of a winter landscape. And if you both want some adventure in your life, there’s always the fun of sledding or downhill skiing and snowboarding. But no matter what outdoor activity you do together, the best part of playing outdoors in the winter is coming inside.

Warm Belly, Warm Thoughts

A great way to bond as a couple is to cook together. Whether making a whole meal, putting together a yummy, gooey treat, or trying out a fancy new cocktail recipe, working together in the kitchen is a super fun way to spend time together whether you’ve been together for a long time or are just starting out. 

When you’ve been together for a while, experimenting with new flavors and recipes can be a fun way to share something that’s new to both of you. When you’re just starting out, it can be a way to introduce your favorite flavors and some of your personal history and preferences to the new person in your life. And if the food doesn’t work out you can always order in or head out for a night on the town.

Cold Nights, Hot Times

Cabin Fever is real. There comes a point where you just get sick of sitting in your place. So while a couples movie night can be a great time and cozying up to fire (whether real or a video you’re playing off the internet on a loop) and reading a book can be delightful, there comes a time when you just need to go somewhere awesome.

The Exchange & Alibi Lounge is a perfect date night destination. If you want to dance, they’ve got amazing DJs. If you want to drink and socialize, they’ve got multiple bars. If you want to go somewhere a little more private, they’ve got the best VIP section and bottle service in Minneapolis. And with a prime location downtown, you’ll never have to worry about the availability of taxis or rideshares so you don’t even have to worry about staying sober to get home safely. 

Whether you’re making a day of it outside in the snow, bonding over a hot stove and great food, or enjoying the best nightlife in the city, there’s no shortage of great ideas for couples in the winter. If you’re getting to know each other or if you’re growing stronger together, the time is right to have a great time. Don’t let the weather freeze out your romantic fun!  

Throwing an Epic Nightclub Birthday Party

Your birthday is one of the greatest days of the year. It’s a day when you gather your closest friends and family, and everyone celebrates you. Not that celebrating other things isn’t fun too, but let’s face it, you are granted a few more liberties on your birthday than on any other day of the year. You are also encouraged to get down harder like it’s your birthday (Thanks, fiddy).  Also, you’re a pretty great person – so celebrate!

Since you are celebrating yourself, you should take the time to choose a great place to entertain all of your favorite people. For some people, that means throwing a great house party. But finding a house where you can create your vision can be tough. Not all homes have open spaces with square footage to accommodate large groups. Most houses simply weren’t designed for throwing epic parties. 

birthday at a club

For those that want to exercise a little more control, a birthday at a club can allow you to use amenities like a bar and a stage, both of which can be hard to bring into a home. A nightclub has the added advantage of being run by professional party throwers, so having a few people who know the business in your corner can make all the difference. If you’re looking for some nightclub birthday party ideas, you’ve got fantastic help. Here are a few starters for putting your party together.

Choosing your Crew for the epic nightclub birthday party

First things first. Your birthday is all about you. While we all like to please our friends and guests to a certain extent, on this day, it’s best to carefully choose the people who want to celebrate you. Maybe you want to get wild with your college friends, but you also want an environment where your family won’t feel out of place. If you want everyone, invite everyone. If you want your six or ten closest friends, then feel free to only invite those people. When you are making decisions on how to throw a birthday party at a club, this one is key. The number of people you invite will certainly set the pace for the night, so do whatever feels most exciting to you. 

Setting the Scene

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but your choice of clubs will set the mood for the entire night. It’s the backdrop against which your chosen friends will celebrate you. The Exchange was designed with this in mind. This attention to detail is meant to make your party feel the cutting edge and exciting. Whether you are looking to book a private party or you want to mingle with your city’s party people, you’re covered at The Exchange or the Alibi Lounge. Whichever option sounds more like you, there are a number of different packages that you will love.

vip bottle service 

Maybe it’s your 21st birthday and you want to take the girls out for some VIP treatment. A booth with bottle service might be what you’re looking for. Our VIP options are the best in the city, hands down. You can book a private VIP booth and even send in images to have projected in the VIP area. This can be an ideal choice when you have a smaller group that doesn’t necessitate renting an entire club. You can still get a great atmosphere where you can dance to some great music, but it gives you the opportunity to hang out with new and interesting people. It also means you don’t need to hire a DJ or band for a private party, which will be much easier on your wallet. When the club already has great music, this becomes an item on your list that you don’t need to worry about. You know The Exchange only has the best DJ’s in the metro and beyond spinning our nightly soundtrack. 

If you are thinking more along the lines of a private party, you may want to reach out to get a feel for how much it will be to throw a party at a club. There is a wide range of perks and prices, so look for one that fits your vision, and hopefully includes some perks that will help your budget. If the package includes something that you were going to pay for anyway, it can make the deal that much sweeter. Booking your party in a club gives you a great private party with all the amenities the club offers.

nightclub party ideas

Perks of the Package

One of the things that can be most frustrating when visiting a club with a crew is waiting in lines for drinks. If they happen to be short-staffed, you might be waiting a while for those red-headed sluts you just ordered. Choosing any package will usually net you some kind of express service on drinks. When you book with the club, preparations are made so you have the best possible experience. Private parties can also get you, private bartenders, so your guests can get back to the task at hand with minimal interruption. If you prefer to have the drinks brought to you, VIP bottle service in an awesome option. 

There are nightclub birthday packages to fit every person’s unique style, so it’s time to make some decisions. If you are looking for a few nightclub party ideas, we are always here to help. Throw together some of your wildest dreams, and ask us how we can create your perfect nightclub birthday party.


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