Alumni Events that will bring Everyone Home

Alumni Events that will bring Everyone Home

Alumni Events that will bring Everyone Home

Alumni events are a great way to reconnect with your old crew. We can help!

If you’ve been out of college for years, you know how difficult it can be to get everybody in the old crew back in one place for a good time. After all, it’s hard enough just to stay in touch. Most of your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters have moved away for work. Even the ones who stuck around are often too busy with their new kids to make frequent get-togethers possible. It’s hard enough to get a few people together in the same room for brunch, let alone your entire pledge class back together for a major event! So what are you supposed to do if you find yourself in charge of herding dozens—if not hundreds—of wayward alumni for that obligatory 5- or 10-year reunion? What kind of alumni events can you plan that can entice everybody to commit the time, energy, and money to show up? 

Alumni events… it all starts with preparation

Let’s face it: if you’re going to pull this off the right way, a rent-a-DJ at a depressing hotel conference room just isn’t going to cut it. Neither is some stuffy gala affair at an art museum. You don’t just want to get back together to catch up with everyone—you want to relive the epic party memories that defined your glory years! For that, you’ll need a proper venue. And if you’re looking for something in downtown Minneapolis, there’s no better place than here at The Exchange and Alibi Lounge. If you have a large group, consider booking The Exchange’s 7,200-square-foot nightclub space: we’ve got two full bars and a large dance floor for a night full of hard partying to the music of some of the best-known DJs in the country—all blasting on our state-of-the-art Funktion-one EVO sound equipment.

An epic reunion

It’s the perfect spot to pretend for a weekend that you are back in your college heyday years when you and your brothers or sisters used to party like there was no tomorrow. And even if you only manage to wrangle together a smaller group for your legendary reunion bash, you can still hit up The Exchange to mingle with the rest of the party-goers, buy tickets in advance for one of our many scheduled events, or reserve exclusive VIP seating where your group can enjoy private bottle service to ensure your special night feels as special as it should.

But The Exchange isn’t just a great venue for Greek life reunions. Are you a member of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association looking to put together a mixer for your organization? Part of a graduate student association looking to put together a meet-and-greet for new department members? A former cheerleader or member of the marching band? Former athlete? Go big and give us a shot! What better way to catch up with your old U of M teammates in style than with an official alumni reunion weekend full of great drinks and music right here in the heart of Minneapolis? Ski-U-Mah!

Partying is not your cup of tea? Don’t worry!

Of course, the intense nightclub energy of The Exchange might not be appropriate for every kind of event. If you’re thinking that you need something more low-key but just as high-end, the Alibi Lounge is the perfect fit. This smaller sister space to The Exchange is an elegant, high-class parlor where you and your friends, co-workers, fraternity brothers, or colleagues can sit comfortably and enjoy each other’s conversation as you sip on our delicious hand-crafted cocktails.

Our cozy leather couches are a perfect place to catch up with your old friends for hours while soaking up the glitz of the lounge. The atmosphere of the Alibi will let you feel like you are going big without having to go crazy on the dance floor. Even if your days of frat row raging are over, you can still party in a way that suits young professionals—with style and class. And don’t worry: even if you have a larger party, the Alibi Lounge can still work for you. It can accommodate up to 125 guests—that’s still a pretty huge reunion party! 

You don’t have to take our word for all this, though. Check out theexchangempls on Instagram to see people partying at The Exchange and Alibi Lounge every week. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We’ll be happy to work with you to tailor an experience in either space that checks all the boxes for your unique reunion. Book your event with us today so you can come to make memories that more than live up to the ones you made in college!