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Just the Gentlemen…Have a Guys Night at The Exchange  & Alibi

What do one of the oldest beer companies in the world and an Oxford professor of psychology have in common? They both think men need more time together. Drinking. That’s right, gents. Put down your phones, shut your laptops and grab a drink with your buddies, because science says your health may depend on it....

Fall in Love before Valentine’s Day – with a little help of the Exchange & Alibi

Minneapolis is made for lovers. Our beautiful scenery, booming cultural scene, and hot nightlife make Minnesota’s largest city a perfect place to find your soul mate. But let’s be serious, finding love is HARD. With Valentine’s Day on its way, it’s hard not to be aware of your single status. We swipe all day on those dating apps, yet we haven’t fallen in love yet. So what gives? You aren’t the only one wondering why love isn’t being found online.

Are you a producer, event planner, promoter, or entrepreneur that’s ready to activate Minnesota’s movers and shakers for your brand? We’ve got some ideas for you. First, get hip to the power of influencer marketing! Influencers are the way of the future and yet have been around for years. People are just now realizing their...

a saturday night alibi
February 6, 2017

The Exchange and Alibi at the Exchange open tomorrow. Leading the charge on this club and lounge project is the enegmatic Ben Quam, who’s a convivial Minneapolis nightlife Renaissance man. Located in the Lumber Arts Exchange in downtown Minneapolis, The Exchange will function as a grown-up nightclub and the Lounge is a place of cool...

a new nightclub and bar with an alibi
February 5, 2017

The Minneapolis nightlife scene is about to get a new name: The Exchange Nightclub and Alibi Lounge officially opened their doors Aug. 1 to those looking for an evening out. Located on the corner of Hennepin Avenue and Fifth Street in Downtown Minneapolis, the dual nightclub and upscale bar boast a sophisticated experience that caters...

exchange nightclub wants bar scene to grow up – but still party hard

As the party inside crested at midnight, a trio of men in T-shirts arrived at the front door of downtown Minneapolis’ latest club opening. To their dismay, their admission was declined by the doormen. Justin Rothman, sweaty in his suit, stood guard as the club’s sentinel of security. “Collared shirts, guys,” he said with a...

nightlife news & notes: new club in lumber exchange basement

New tenants and familiar nightlife players hope to bring a taste of Chicago to the former Club New York space in the basement of the Lumber Exchange Building in downtown Minneapolis. The new nightspot will be called the Exchange and Alibi Lounge. Inspired by the popular Windy City nightclub the Underground, the dual-concept club and...