Be a VIP with Bottle Service at The Exchange

Be a VIP with Bottle Service at The Exchange

Be a VIP with Bottle Service at The Exchange

If you are a savvy party animal, you probably already know what bottle service is. But if you’re planning on becoming one, you’re in luck—today we are breaking down all the benefits of bottle service. We will show you how it works, and explore a few hacks from the party elite. At last, we will explain why bottle service is among the hottest bar trends today. And if you are on the other side of the bar, we will help you raise the bar so you can provide your guests with an impeccable VIP experience and the perfect night out. Learn from the best!

The first thing you need to know is that while it’s called “bottle service,” it’s not just about a bottle. It’s also about exclusive seating and other perks that make you or your guests feel like a VIP. Something else to keep in mind is that bottle service and “table service” are different things altogether.

Bottle service vs. table service

First off, table service is a specialty of restaurants, while bottle service is a trend from the world of high-end nightclubs. When it comes to table service, the dining experience is led by the server. The server is there to take food and drink orders, relay those order accurately to the kitchen staff, and finally to deliver the food when it’s ready. The guests don’t need to put in any effort; they can just sit and enjoy the pampering. Bottle service, on the other hand, is taking this kind of pampering to a completely different level.


One of the main perks of bottle service is that you get to skip waiting in lines. Rather than wading through the loud crowds at the edge of the bar, you’ll be sitting comfortably in that roped off the area you always see in movies—you know, that part that looks like it must be reserved months and months in advance. Here you get a unique chance to party in a private area with drinks right there exactly when you want them. And exactly how you want them, too: with bottle service, you are completely in charge of how your drinks are prepared because you can prepare them yourself.

You won’t be left completely to your own devices though, so don’t worry if you’re no mixologist. You will still have your own dedicated service assistant who will do everything from keeping your inventory stocked to helping your prepare that next round of celebratory shots for your party. Bottle service buckets usually contain everything you need to craft the best cocktails. You and your friends will be able to enjoy a wide selection of premium liquor, mixers, and garnishes. And if it’s not in the bucket, you can always ask!

Marketing for bottle service

Las Vegas pioneered bottle service, but now bars and nightclubs across the world are buying into this growing trend. What bars and clubs are discovering is that bottle service is a great way to more directly connect with their loyal customers. It is also an opportunity for them to expand business by attracting new customers who are looking for more than the average bar or club experience. Consider making VIP tables and small seating areas become your establishment’s little oases of awesomeness because both you and your guests could be having the time of your lives!

But do you really need bottle service for your club? Is it worth the money and effort to provide it for your customers? It might seem risky to you to provide a service that for a lot of patrons might be a once in a lifetime type experience, after all. How often will your customers use it? Will it make you money? While there are a lot of variables involved, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What is the perfect equation for bottle service?

Bottle service is often priced using the minimum spend method. What this means is that each table reservation is committed to spending a predetermined amount of money for the reservation. This protects you as an owner because you be guaranteed a certain amount of money every time the service is used. This will help you manage labor and inventory costs, as well as help you minimize risk.


Another factor involved here is, of course, the time of day and week you are planning to offer these services. Your club is more than likely far more crowded on the weekend, so you might think about only offering bottle services then. To boost interest, you could consider hosting a celebrity or booking a popular band—maybe even offering a meet-and-greet session with these VIPs as a premium addition to your bottle service. You might be surprised by how many customers would be willing to shell out thousands of dollars for this kind of opportunity, allowing you to easily cover your investment and profit handsomely.

More security…

One thing to keep in mind, though… You will probably need to make some changes to the way you run security at your club if you implement bottle service. VIP areas are more private parts of your establishment. It is possible that certain unpleasant situations with intoxicated guests might get out of hand before security at the door, for example, has seen that anything is amiss. Consider having someone with an eye on your VIP areas to avoid that rare scenario when someone stumbles into a roped-off section where they’re not welcome!

Once again – advertise!

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of marketing. Advertise your hot new events via flyers, maintain your social media presence with event posts and updates. Create a special offer to generate the interest you might not otherwise receive. For example, consider giving special benefits to customers who have reserved your VIP space for a bachelor or bachelorette party.


These large groups often pool together to book a place where they will spend a lot of money on the bride or groom to be. So when they’re there, don’t waste the opportunity to make your mark on them. Offer them discounts, or simply add that complimentary bottle or your finest to their bucket. You can bet they’ll remember this kind of treatment and will keep your club in mind when it is time for their own party. It’s no secret that your guests want to feel wanted and special, so offer them something they will remember. It will do wonders for your venue.

Final thoughts

Bottle service is an awesome way to obtain loyal customers through a VIP service. It doesn’t require much effort or risk. All it really amounts to is having your employees changing the side of the bar they’re on… And it usually ends up offering a really interesting and entertaining experience for everyone in attendance.

Now that you’re an expert in Bottle Service 101, we are pleased to inform you that we here at The Exchange are having a BOGO offer all summer long on our bottle service! So if you still don’t get the hype, come see us. We can show you how it works, first hand.