Just the Gentlemen…Have a Guys Night at The Exchange & Alibi

Just the Gentlemen…Have a Guys Night at The Exchange  & Alibi

Just the Gentlemen…Have a Guys Night at The Exchange & Alibi

What do one of the oldest beer companies in the world and an Oxford professor of psychology have in common? They both think men need more time together. Drinking.

That’s right, gents. Put down your phones, shut your laptops and grab a drink with your buddies, because science says your health may depend on it. Men need a minimum of two guys’ nights a week to maintain good health. It’s a scientific fact – at least according to new research from Oxford University’s social and evolutionary neuroscience research group. They are very specific with the prescription too: Men must physically meet with four friends twice a week to reap the benefits of male friendship. Guys night is a well-known cure for everything!

The Exchange & Alibi is here to help you with your health, gentlemen. Whether your scene is calm and classic, sipping on craft cocktails or shooting tequila and appreciating a good DJ, we have what you need. Downtown Minneapolis is where the gentlemen gather.

Sold-Out Saturdays

Plan on a packed scene of thumping music and interesting people with Sold-Out Saturdays. We have Rick Wonder coming up first with support from High Style Kyle. Shake off Valentine’s Day, jump on the light rail, and lose yourself in a group of people. Men and women alike will be on the dance floor, letting the music do all the talking. Get your tickets or show up at the door. DJ Beatbreaker is up the following week and is sure to heat it up with DJ Dudley D helping out. As one of the top Mashup Deejays in the game today, DJ BeatBreaker not only plays the music you want to hear in the club, he also often is the one who creates it. Based out of New York City, BeatBreaker is a highly recognized artist in remixes and mashups. His remixes are being played by almost ever Deejay, and has earned him a fan base that stretches across the globe.Tickets here.

Thursday Nights

When the combined pressures of work, relationships, and finances start to drive you nuts, there is no better remedy than a guys night out. But maybe your weekends belong to your significant other, your family, or your side hustle. So we have another option for you. Thursday nights always have something worth crossing the Mississippi River. First, we’ve got a sick line up from TC Presents with Soltan and the following week we are trusting them to do it again with TC Presents J:Kenzo + Ternion Sound. The crowd will be fresh and ready to party. Join them!


The Alibi Lounge every other night of the week … Epic guys night awaits!

For some dudes, a night of sweaty bodies jumping around to bumping music on a crowded dance floor doesn’t sound like what they are looking for in a Guys Night. Besides downtown Minneapolis holds more options than the standard club scene, and so does The Exchange. The Alibi Lounge at The Exchange is a swanky cocktail lounge full of stunning beauty and custom-designed furniture. It only accommodates up to 125 guests and is a perfect place to partake in artfully handcrafted cocktails. Something special happens when you get your boys together for a night on the town. Free from the shackles of responsibility, you can relax, forget about your worries, and blow off some steam. Instead of fighting your natural instincts and desires, you can embrace them.


And we are here help you do just that…


See you soon, gentlemen.