International Christmas Party at The Exchange Alibi

International Christmas Party at The Exchange Alibi

International Christmas Party at The Exchange Alibi

Minnesota gets crazy cold in the winter. Most people don’t even know that Earth gets this cold. So, for good reason, many of us pride ourselves on being hearty Minnesotans who brave the frigid winter to experience immaculate summers. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to travel the world to escape the cold for just a bit, and spend Christmas somewhere warm. As it turns out, you don’t really need to travel around the world to find yourself at an International Christmas party. You need to head on over to the Exchange!

Around the world, the Christmas party is something people look forward to throughout the holiday season. Many of us look forward to it all year long, especially those of us who love the colder temps that come with winter. We get to dress up in our warm, cozy clothes and sip Christmas-themed cocktails. We get to see the friends and family we’ve missed out on for the rest of the year. We all catch up on how our years have been for ourselves and our families over fireside chats and eggnog. If we live a long way from where we grew up, it is likely the one time of year that we will travel home. The Exchange takes the season seriously and wants to make your holiday celebration one to remember.

International Christmas Party at the Exchange

We are teaming up with International Blowout LLC, and throwing the biggest Christmas party in Minneapolis on December 21st, so dust off your dancing shoes and plan to get down downtown. If you’re going to be spending your Christmas Eve party enduring some of your more challenging family members, why not pre-game with some stone cold party people. The night will be curated by our resident DJ and International Christmas party creator, DJ Cross>over. The theme will focus on a diverse crowd from around the world, so Cross>over is bringing an equally eclectic music mix, with diverse genres like EDM (Tropical/Deep/Progressive/Big Room House), Top 40 Remix, Latin/Brazilian, Eurodance and so much more. Did you know that great music can be used as a teleportation device? Need proof? Come join the party to learn a little bit more about what we mean.


The holidays are all about bringing people together. If you’ve got friends in from out of town, there isn’t a better place in Minnesota to make them feel at home. Whether your guests are from Indiana or Indonesia, they’ll find something very familiar in DJ Cross>over’s mix. Something to move them in ways only the comfort of good friends and family can adequately provide. The last piece to the puzzle is an amazing venue, and we’ve got that in droves. The Exchange is a sprawling, 7200 square foot upscale dance club with two full bars, a dance floor, exclusive VIP seating, and a built-in photo area. The menu features some of the most creative craft cocktails and seafood bites in town. If all that doesn’t spell a fantastic Christmas party, we don’t know what does!


The party runs from 10pm-2am, so this one is for the night owls. If you spend the majority of your year as an early bird, there’s no need to worry. You still have all day Saturday to finish up your holiday shopping errands and decorations before capping your night with a dance party exciting enough to help you burn off that plate of Christmas cookies you just downed all by yourself. Where else can you have this much fun getting a solid workout?


If you’ve been anxiously planning your own Christmas Eve party, take a load off, and let the Exchange handle some holiday cheer for you. Isn’t it nice to know that there’s a place in Minneapolis that has your back? Round up a few of your rowdiest friends, and prepare for an epic party in the heart of our beautiful downtown entertainment district. We’re right on the light rail line, so you don’t even have to drive! There’s really no excuse to miss the International Christmas party of the decade.


If you feel like you can pass all this up, you’re probably too busy stealing Christmas to celebrate it.


International Christmas Party at The Exchange

10 S. 5th St. Minneapolis, MN 55402

10pm-2am Saturday, December 21