You Want to Be a Promoter? Step One: Private Party at The Alibi…

You Want to Be a Promoter? Step One: Private Party at The Alibi…

You Want to Be a Promoter? Step One: Private Party at The Alibi…

Private party @Alibi is always a great idea. 

That birthday bash, corporate party, or raging celebration is coming up on your calendar. Whatever the elite, private event is approaching, you will need the right venue to help you throw a thrilling fete with all the right touches. Throwing a party that is not just good, but great take a few key steps. How do you guarantee a great event? Start with a phenomenal idea! Next step is thorough planning, and make sure you are moving in the right direction from the very beginning. Get creative and choose professionals that will help you stand out from the rest.

At The Exchange & Alibi Lounge, entertainment options are on a much higher caliber than the rest of Minneapolis. Do not let the idea of planning a large event overwhelm you. Therefore, follow these steps that we laid out to ensure you throw a party that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime!

Let’s Get this Private Party Started

The first thing to do when getting started planning your exclusive private party is choosing a venue. The venue will be the backdrop for your party that will allow it to really pop. Identifying what your needs are when it comes to picking a venue is crucial: Are you striving for an intimate gathering or a grand party? No matter the size, the Alibi can accommodate with a contemporary cocktail lounge full of stunning decor, custom-designed furniture, and hand-crafted cocktails featuring the finest spirits and techniques.

It’s perfect for projecting exclusivity for your event by allowing up to 125 guests. If you are looking for something even bigger, the Exchange nightclub offers both open seating and private areas in a magnificent room with two full bars that will cater to your every need. Individuality and authenticity are significant for making a memorable event.

 Plan, Plan, Plan

To begin officially planning the event requires clear communication and transparency from both parties. In fact, the Alibi offers a full staff to be your point of contact throughout the planning process and comes with an abundance of ideas to support your extravagant party. Picking a theme for the party is a great way to kickstart your planning. The Alibi will work with transforming our venues specifically to your event.

What staff will be responsible for what, what budget are you striving for, what type of talent are you looking to hire, and what food and drinks will make it shine – the list goes on. Once you have an answer to some of these questions, you have a better way of moving forward in the planning process to success. 

 The Fun Stuff

Now for the fun touches that will really make or break this special night. We’re talking about entertainment, food, and, most importantly, drinks. Hiring the right talent is a big portion of what will bring people into your event. The Alibi has an abundance of DJ’s to choose from and two DJ booths that accompany the original white marble floors and limestone pillars from 1885 that will transfer you to another world.

The ultimate lighting and sound equipment is necessary for a fantastic night and The Alibi is equipped with a state-of-the-art Funktion One EVO sound system, a 22’ LED board, and four flat-screen TVs to enhance the experience for your guests and perfectly enrich the talent that you decide on.

Food and drinks are definitely something to think about, as well. Deciding on what menu or type of food selection to go with should be mirrored with the type of party, whether it be an extravagant private gathering or a divine, grand party. Because The Alibi offers plenty to make your night pop! There is plenty to choose from for drinks at The Alibi. Enjoy our delicious hand-crafted cocktails that will embellish our cozy leather couches or ornate bars. 

 There’s Nothing Better than private party…

If you are seeking that nightclub party vibe or an exclusive, swanky event you know you are in the right place. These steps will ensure that you will create the time of your life at The Alibi. No matter the size, a night of great drinks and entertainment in the heart of Minneapolis will give you exactly what you were looking for your guests to enjoy.

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have, as communication is key! We will be happy to work with you to tailor an experience in either space that checks all the boxes for your exclusive party. Check out The Exchange & Alibi on Instagram to see what partying at The Alibi Lounge looks like every week.