The Best Absolut Cocktails List – Collect Them All at the Exchange

The Best Absolut Cocktails List – Collect Them All at the Exchange

The Best Absolut Cocktails List – Collect Them All at the Exchange

Our bartenders LOVE Absolut Cocktails and make some of the best in town. We asked them about their favorites and put it together for this post…

The right cocktail makes everything better. Whether pairing it with a meal, with an occasion, or with the weather outside or the weather you wish was outside, a perfect drink makes good stuff great. And nothing gives a cocktail that perfect zip like Absolut Vodka. 

Absolut Cocktails – they go with everything…

Absolut Cocktails come in so many varieties that you can always find one that’s just right to complement and improve your mood and occasion. From the original Absolut to any of the many, delicious flavored vodkas in the Absolut family, a cocktail made with Absolut just feels better. No matter whether you’re drinking or serving it. And at the Exchange, you can always get the cocktail that you need to take your night to the next level. Here are some of our favorites:


The Brunch All-Star Absolut Cocktails

Whether recovering from the night before or gearing up for a big Sunday-Funday, there’s nothing quite like a Bloody Mary. And there are a lot of varieties of Bloody Mary you can get. There are more traditional Maries, Maries made with the extra kick of Absolut Peppar, Maries made with pickle brine, Maries with big hunks of meat in them, or the Absolut World’s Fastest Bloody Mary: a shot of Absolut Peppar garnished with a tomato.

The Ultimate in Class

Nothing makes you feel like a suave secret agent quite like a martini. But there are a lot more ways to prepare a martini than just shaken or stirred. You can get gin or vodka or you can get any number of unique spins and interpretations of a martini.In the mood for something breezy? Try a pineapple martini made with Absolut Vodka and pineapple juice. Want something with a caffeinated kick? Try an espresso martini – ask for yours to be made with Absolut Vanilla for an even smoother experience. Want something unique? Many bartenders and mixologists have their favorite martini recipes. Ask them to surprise you. You may get a classic or you may get something you never knew existed. 

Seasonal Specialties

Every season has food associated with it. Can you imagine a summer without s’mores or backyard barbecue? Halloween without candy? The holiday season without eggnog? There are plenty of Absolut cocktails that you can use to capture the season or take your mind to where you’d rather be when the weather gets bad. From the summery Sex on the Beach to winter wonder drinks like the Extrakt Hot Chocolate which combines Absolut Extrakt with one of the most comfortable flavors you can get when the weather turns cold. Check in with your bartender to see what flavors they recommend. From pumpkin spice to fresh, seasonal fruits, many bars and restaurants will have seasonal cocktails available for you to embrace any time of year.

Simple Pleasures

When looking at cocktails, it’s easy to look at the complex, fancy stuff and ignore the classic drinks that taste great and are prepared easily. What’s more refreshing than Absolut Vodka and cranberry juice, after all? Or Absolut Apeach and orange juice? And let’s not forget classics like a Moscow Mule, a Seabreeze, or a Cosmopolitan – especially a Cosmopolitan made with Absolut Citron. Classics become classics for a reason. 

There are thousands of cocktails that are just right for thousands of occasions. With an open mind and eager taste buds, there’s a whole world of flavor combinations ready for you to explore. Absolut cocktails run the gamut from simple to complex and each one has something unique to offer you. Finally, get to the Exchange and start experimenting to find the cocktail that’s just right for you.