the scoop on the exchange “adult nightclub” opening saturday

the scoop on the exchange “adult nightclub” opening saturday

the scoop on the exchange “adult nightclub” opening saturday

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 by Mecca Bos in Food & Drink

No, not that kind of “adult,” you dirty birds. Adult as in, the grown and sexy crowd, as in 30+, as in not 21.

Grown and sexy? You decide. The Exchange opens this Saturday.

That’s what co-owner Jacob Toledo (also of Jester, which is responsible for Borough, Coup d’Etat, and Monello/ Constantine) told me a few weeks back when I toured the space, in the underground level of Minneapolis’ grand old 1885 Lumber Exchange building, which back in the ’90s used to house the Rogue, which was in fact a grown and sexy nightclub, perhaps the last this town has seen.

At the time of my tour, the place was filled with jackhammer-wielding construction workers, a lot of exposed granite and brick, and plenty of dust, and it was difficult to imagine it as a glittering multimillion-dollar space specializing in a swank night out for grownups. But that day has come, and here are a few things the group is promising:

Dancers (again, not that kind of dancer!) but classically trained dancers, if their “casting call” is to be believed. And, shot girls

Custom, state-of-the-art light and sound design, the serious high-end sound system purportedly being the first in North America

A serious, chef-driven food program will focus on seafood at the quieter sister lounge, Alibi

Lots of little nooks and crannies for chatting, sipping, and whatever else you’ve got on your mind

A business model and space that doesn’t cater only to men, but also to the ladies — by way of illustration Toledo mentioned a restroom with a designated “primping area”

Jeroboam-wielding hotties, if the promo pics are to be believed

A jellyfish tank (‘cuz why not?)

So the big question is, do adults go to nightclubs? Toledo says he wants to strike a balance between oontz-oontz and tequila popper land, and a place that’s so quiet that it’s fusty. He and his partners have described their target market as the young professional. But ostensibly, a professional needs to be up in the morning if one is to be doing pro things, making happy hour the perfect hour for cutting loose, allowing for that all-important 10:30 bedtime.

Of course, the weekend is prime clubbin’ time, so who knows?

Still, after 30, lots of us have outgrown the urge to shake our booties (those booties having become somewhat less ready for prime time), to stand in line for anything unless we’re at the bank, to pay a premium to see or be seen, or to strap on heels unless a wedding or a funeral is involved.

Prediction: This place will be filled with a lot of professional men (not young) and younger ladies (under 30) in search of making their acquaintance. (If the promo pictures are to be believed).

But potentially, the 30+ among us might check out the quieter Alibi in our sensible flats, scarfing oysters and champagne, no longer overly concerned about fitting into our booty shorts.