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TC Presents Ft. SoDown

Thursday, March 21
Show | 9:05pm // Doors | 9:05pm

SoDown – The Motive Tour 2019

Live at Exchange (Minneapolis, MN)
Thursday, March 21, 2019

A staple in the Colorado music scene, Ehren River Wright, better known as SoDown, is tattooing his own signature on the world of dance music. His debut headlining performance was a sell out, illuminating a vibrant destiny for the saxophone playing producer. His live sets are saturated with vigor and animation, breathing life into a myriad of electronic sub-genres. Combining a palpable groove with thunderous, bass-centric aromas, SoDown creates an unparalleled atmosphere. His versatility is limitless, showcased via his GetDown Key- his personal genre atlas that falls into three separate categories, SoHeavy, SoGroovy, and SoChill. Between his unbound inspiration, and acute attention to the technicalities of production, SoDown curates an immersive, sensory experience both in the studio and on stage. His charismatic persona has prompted a dedicated fan following awakening a multidimensional plane defined by unity and interconnectivity. In 2018 alone, SoDown commanded stages at Red Rocks, Coachella, Electric Forest, Global Dance, Sonic Bloom, and more. At the heels of his own triumphs, SoDown is only just beginning.

WEB: sodown.com
SPOTIFY: spoti.fi/2r8Q2Az
YOUTUBE: youtube.com/sodownbassmusic
SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/sodownbassmusic
TWITTER: twitter.com/sodownbassmusic
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/sodownbassmusic