“Singles Day” Party at The Exchange

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you don’t have a date, you’re probably worried. Everywhere you look there are events for couples, date night specials, and heart-shaped pizzas (which you can eat without another person, but that’s somehow even sadder than eating a normal pizza by yourself). Where are the Valentine’s Day events for singles in Minneapolis? Trick question. At The Exchange, Valentine’s Day is a sucker’s game. You need to come out and celebrate Single’s Day.

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Singles Day Party: No Date, No Stigma

The worst thing about Valentine’s Day is the looks you get from all your friends in relationships. Like somehow not being tied down is a bad thing. At the Singles Day Party, you won’t see that look. You’ll see other sexy singles raising their glasses to freedom. And with The Exchange’s reputation for great cocktails and VIP treatment that’s second-to-none, you’ll want to raise your glass a lot. But what do you do when you’ve met someone that’s just as rad and just as single as you?

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It’s Time to Dance, Dance, DANCE

Coming in from Cleveland, MIMO is an award-winning, genre-bending DJ that specializes in one thing above everything else—getting butts moving on the dance floor. Combining his talent with the state of the art light and sound system at the exchange is a recipe for pure awesomeness. You may not understand the term “open format dance artist” right now, but once you hear MIMO spin, you will know exactly what it means. The amazing drinks at the bar will loosen you up, but the way MIMO helps your body talk is what may result in you not being entirely single by the end of the night (even if that’s only temporary). 

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Get Out, Get Down, Cut Loose

Society wants you to feel guilty for not being attached to Valentine’s Day. Society wants you to think less of yourself. Society is wrong. By pushing Valentine’s Day to the side and embracing Single’s Day, you can reclaim the day for glory, fun, freedom, and straight-up bad-assery. Why break the bank on roses or candy hearts that don’t taste good anyway when you could be knocking back the best cocktails in the best VIP section at the best club in Minneapolis? 

singles events Minneapolis

Thanks to MIMO’s unparalleled music and showmanship, there won’t be a more raucous, banging party in the Cities this year. Making a statement like that in February may seem bold, but it’s accurate. So throw off the shackles of how people tell you you’re supposed to feel on Valentine’s Day. Come to The Exchange in beautiful downtown Minneapolis, indulge in some amazing drinks, move your body to some incredible music, and make this the greatest Single’s Day in history.