Party animal on Thursday nights: a brand new nightlife concept

Thursday night out: Party Animals Partying for Animals


Sick of the same old “thirsty Thursday” promotions expecting you to drink like a fish for no reason other than to get drunk? Good news, dog! The Exchange & Alibi Lounge are partnering with Aventi Entertainment to prove all those other Thursday night nightlife concepts are for the birds. Aventi’s Animal House is a night designed to help you release your wild side for a good cause—the Animal Humane Society. Animal House Night is your chance to let out your inner beast on the dance floor, drink the best cocktails and bottle service in the Cities, and get the VIP experience of your dreams. This isn’t the same old Thursday night. It’s a horse of a different color.


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A Wild Thursday Night Out and a Good Cause


Starting in October, the Exchange & Alibi Lounge have declared every Thursday Aventi’s Animal House Night. With bottle service, the best DJs in Minneapolis causing panda-monium to break out by spinning everything from Top 40 to EDM to insane custom remixes, you know you’re going to have the best night of your week at the Exchange. The fact that your wild night will also help the Animal Humane Society is incredible icing on an awesome, boozy, totally unique cake. If this night were pajamas, you just know they’d belong to the cat.


A Society for the Humane


With a history in Minnesota dating as far back as 1878, the Animal Humane Society has helped thousands upon thousands of animals get medical care and find loving homes. Between working to modify the behavior of difficult animals, working to rehabilitate the injured and sick, and finding homes for the animals in their shelters, the Animal Humane Society works hard to make the world a better place for everyone—whether they have fur or not. 


All that work costs money, though. The Animal Humane Society isn’t funded by a national organization or via city, state, or federal government. They get their money from donations, adoption fees, and fundraisers. Maybe you’ve heard about some of their big fundraisers like the Walk for Animals. But why settle for an annual fundraiser when a weekly fundraiser would be so much more fun?

Koala-fy for a VIP Night

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Want to make an amazing night even better? You can get your party animal on in the VIP section for free. Seriously. Show your friends that you’re the slyest fox by getting them into the VIP hen-house. All you have to do is RSVP ahead of time. There’s not an animal pun cool enough to let you know how great life is on the otter side of the velvet rope (don’t groan. That was amazing). And to get the VIP treatment just for RSVPing ahead of time? That’s the bee’s knees.


You want something better than the same old Thursday night. This is it. The music rules. The drinks are amazing. The atmosphere is second-to-none and you have a shot at an unforgettable experience. The money goes to a good cause. What are you waiting for? Make like a kangaroo and hop to the Exchange and Alibi Lounge Thursday night!